Tips to have a Fantastic Train Journey

Tips to have a Fantastic Train Journey

Tips to have a Fantastic Train Journey

It is a common misconception that travelling by train in a country as vast as India can be very intimidating. Initially, it might be confusing to navigate the Indian Railway System, but after some brief reading, it turns out to be easy after all. Here are a few tips which could help you achieve a comfortable experience travelling in India.

  • Buying Tickets

India has a population of about 1.3 billion. A majority of the office goers depends on public transport for travel. The Indian Railway is by far the best of the lot. Be it Metro Trains, Suburban Trains, or the Indian Railway, travelling by trains is the most economical and best mode of transport. Passengers can book train tickets in a lot of ways. You can go book your tickets at the Railway Department itself. You could also go to travel agents who will help you book tickets. Tatkal tickets can be booked if you want to book a ticket in case of an emergency. The cost of the Tatkal ticket is slightly higher when compared to the usual tickets. To avoid the rush at the station ticket counter, you could book the ticket online. There are ways to check the Indian train status before making up your mind and booking the ticket.

  • Know your Ticket

The ticket will have a lot of info. PNR is assigned to each and every ticket. PNR is the pointer to the passenger details in the entire railway database. PNR can be used to check the status of your ticket. You need not return to the ticket counter to check your PNR. PNR status can be checked online using the website or the available mobile apps. Each ticket has info about the passenger, his name, age, and gender. General ticket data like source station, destination station, and the train details will be printed on the ticket.

  • What to do at the Train Station

Climbing the right car can tend to be extremely confusing when it’s your first time. Make sure you cross check your platform number appearing alongside the train name on the huge television. With practice, you will come to realise that train travel is not as badly organised as you thought.

  • In the Train

Train travel is the most comfortable means of transport across the country. Once on the train, go to the seat allotted to you. At times, you may find someone else sitting on your seat. It will probably be confusion, but the ticket collector will definitely be willing to help you out. Familiarize yourself with the compartment. Place your luggage on the rack or under the seat accordingly. The Train chain should be pulled in case of an emergency. The washrooms are usually clean and usable. Pantry cars are available on almost all trains. The railway department has allotted prices to all the items being sold by the Pantry. Hence, chances of getting scammed are close to zero.

Plan your route thoroughly, book tickets in advance and have an idea of where you want to go. It will, undoubtedly, give you a lot of peace.



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