Get Portuguese citizenship & experience five of Lisbon’s best views!

Get Portuguese citizenship & experience five of Lisbon’s best views!

Get Portuguese citizenship & experience five of Lisbon’s best views!

The capital of Portugal, none other than Lisbon is folded neatly over the seven hills where visitors are rewarded with amazing views to soothe the body and soul. The rugged landscape has all it takes to get you wander from the isolated courtyards above the medieval quarters to the terraces that give you a panoramic view of the entire city. From locals’ favourite spots to laidback sites and locations, everything here is jewel for your eyes so now that you know how to get Portugal citizenship by investment, learn how to make the most of it!

  1. Dig in the whole city from atop a shopping mall

The classic viewpoints or miradouros as in Portuguese in old area of the city are not less than dazzling and most sought-after; a perfect capture for a Lisbon post-card. Take the sightseeing experience to its extreme from atop the Amoreiras Shopping Mall and you’ll feel the entire Portuguese capital right at your footstep. More or less 15-minutes here and you can actually enjoy both new and old Lisbon altogether.

  1. Garden overseeing Baixa

A former 19th century private garden with a quirky and playful characteristics; the Jardim do Torel (Rua Julio de Andrade) has the most unusual setting yet appealing overall. It features a park with chaise-longue-style benches that makes most of the soft slope which eventually become a welcoming spot where you can relax in one of Lisbon’s quietest and lush places. The view is terrific that sees the lovely Praca dos Restauradores in the Baixa quarter.

  1. Breathe fresh air atop the Museu do Aljube

The Museu do Aljube has been set that once served the political prison of the old dictatorship where records of the Portuguese history are displayed. Consider the temperate setting of the museum and the café at the top floor where you get to breathe fresh-air. It has been developed keeping aesthetics at its best with pure white walls and floor-to-ceiling windows that would make you feel as if in touch with nature and rest of Lisbon.

  1. An unexpected viewpoint

Find yourself experiencing the unexpected inside of the Castelo de Sao Jorge’s walls between the ticket office, the main entrance and the medieval cobblestone streets. The Miradouro do Recolhimento is a concealed little square that’ll make you wonder as if barging into someone’s private courtyard. There’re a couple of olive trees to offer shade while you continue exploring and viewing Graca Quarter and the River Tejo.

  1. A peaceful sanctuary from Baixa

The Miradouro Chao do Loureiro rises above one of the busiest parts of the town and located on a rooftop of former market that has been rebuilt into a car park. If it weren’t for Zambeze; the Portuguese-Mozambican fusion restaurant with open-air space, you wouldn’t have experienced offer amazing vistas and a locals’ favourite spot to enjoy cool refreshments.


When clearing on the details about how to get Portugal citizenship by investment, do make the most of it by visiting Lisbon for an unforgettable experience!


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