Four destinations you must visit during your next trip to Uganda

Four destinations you must visit during your next trip to Uganda

Four destinations you must visit during your next trip to Uganda

Uganda has been invigorating visitors all around the world with its breathtaking sceneries and wildlife. This place finally collecting itself from its apparent eclipse and stepping out of the shadows, ousting the scary past. This place might be small, it has a lot to offer to its tourists. From its delightful culture to wildlife, Uganda packs a punch that most won’t anticipate. Amongst the various attractions, it hosts, Gorilla trekking is one of them. Gorilla trekking has been a popular activity for many tourists who often travel here specifically for that. But that is just the tip of its iceberg for your ship of anticipation will surely drown once you are hit with the list below. If you are looking for activities in general, then Mojhi is where you’d want to start your research from.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is amongst the top tourist spots in Uganda which is home to various species of animals including buffaloes and elephants. If your game watching luck is in favour then you might come across a lion or two loitering the grounds. And if you are on a streak before your luck runs out, expect to see the elusive leopard hiding on the branches of trees. This park is highly recommended for it is frequently visited for its biodiversity. If you are tired of game watching, then get yourself in a boat ride along the channels of Kazinga or walk along the Chimpanzee trail.

 Lake Bunyonyi

Translating roughly as the place of many little birds, this place is as heavenly as it sounds. If you have ever visited Nepal then oud’ love the lakes here. The shores of the lake have beautifully terraced hillsides with over 20 islands. If you can visit the lake in the morning, expect to see the magic that entices everyone to visit this place.


Kampala might just be the place that properly introduces its tourists to Uganda. This place is quite safe with a good number of tourist sites that would keep its visitors busy for long hours. Nairobi’s infamous status is complimented by Kampala’s soothing reputation. If you are looking to explore this city, then the ideal way to do so is by walking, bus tours or bike rides. You can rent a bike for a few hours and explore the city on your own. The tour will get you a glimpse into the local lives and markets that liven the streets of Kampala. Apart from its usual charm, there are a number of spots that you’d want to drop in such as Kampala Hindu Temple, Lubiri Palace, Uganda National Mosque and the Nakasero Market.

Ssese Islands

If you want to escape the usual saturation of tourist spots, drop by at the collection of islands i.e. Ssese Islands. The slow-paced island life is bound to rest your holiday fatigue and give you reasons to get back into action. The Buggala Island is the most accessible of the lot whereas the Bandas or Bukasa islands are scarcely inhabited which leaves you for explorations.


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