Delightful Picnic Spots in God’s Own Country

Delightful Picnic Spots in God’s Own Country

Delightful Picnic Spots in God’s Own Country

Kerala, endowed handsomely by nature, enjoys worldwide acclaim for its amazing diversity and soothing locales. Kerala packs in a comprehensive range of invigorating experiences, from amazing beaches and relaxing backwaters to misty hills and captivating waterfalls. This makes Kerala a wonderful destination to visit, with one’s family, having something in store for everyone.  Travel operators offer a wide range of Kerala tour packages, the vast majority of which are targeted, towards families.

Delightful Picnic Spots

Locations in Kerala provide irresistible opportunities, for families to wind back, release their stresses, and take in the captivating sites, far away from the hustles of their everyday lives. Travellers to Kerala, most commonly set up base in Kochi and Alappuzha or Kozhikode, owing to the convenience of accessibility that they offer, to destinations located amidst the lap of nature. Picnics at, any of these beautiful sites ensure that family members spend quality time with each other, thus rejuvenating their bonds.  Kerala’s food is equally diverse. Bearing South Indian, Muslim, Jewish and colonial influences, Kerala offers some delectable cuisines. Certain travel operators provide tailor-made Kerala tour packages that include visits to some of the most lovely picnic spots. These generally include:

  • Keralamkundu Waterfalls: These spellbinding waterfalls lying within the Western Ghats of the Malappuram district, around 2 kilometres from Kalkund, are delightful during the monsoon. With Kozhikode at a convenient distance, this heavenly picnic spot provides, endearing sights of the pristine waters of the river gushing into an expansive pool below. Other nearby attractions include Koombanmala, Swapnakkundu and Kodimala waterfalls, the British Bungalow, and the world’s largest mango tree.
  • Manjampothikunnu: This offbeat destination in the northern district of Kasaragod is seldom crowded, and provides the ideal backdrop for a relaxing family picnic outing. Shrouded by a misty cover, one can enjoy breathtaking views of the sea from the hilltops here. The evening sky throws up, a plethora of hues to behold. It is also home to scenic caves filled with percolated water. The renowned Malabar cuisine may be sampled as well.
  • Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: This sanctuary, located on the shores of the Periyar Lake in Thekkady, provides a safe haven to a myriad wildlife populace including Indian elephants, majestic tigers, leopards, sambars, boars, bison, and the almost extinct Lion-Tailed Macaques. The route from Moozhiyar to Thekkady via Gavi, passes through vast expanses of thick woody forests, thus providing an exhilarating mix of nature and adventure.

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  • Kumarakom Village: Bestowed with expansive waterways interspersed by lush paddy fields, coconut trees, and mangroves, this romantic hamlet offers an idyllic setting for refreshment and rejuvenation. Visitors may undertake activities such as, experiencing the nearby Vembanad Lake, boating on the canals, cruising on a houseboat through the magical backwaters, fishing, sampling the delicious local food, and breathing in Kerala’s unspoiled air here. An exciting range of wildlife and greenery provides yet another attraction. Kumarakom lies around 50 kilometres away from Kochi.

The diverse state of Kerala offers an enthralling range of sights and experiences. No matter whether you are a nature lover, wildlife enthusiast, or a family, Kerala just never ceases to amaze you with its treasures.



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