5 Places Not to be Missed When in Ahmedabad

5 Places Not to be Missed When in Ahmedabad

5 Places Not to be Missed When in Ahmedabad

Planning for a trip to Ahmedabad? Well, have you got your sightseeing list all ready? If not, then start preparing the list today, since when you visit a place it is very important to have a list of all the places that you want to visit ready at your hand.

The first thing that you need to do when it comes to planning a trip to a place is get your Ahmedabad hotel booking done as soon as possible. Once you have taken care of the reservations, then you can set about to explore the place. Now for that you need to know the places that you have to visit when in the city. Well, when it comes to Ahmedabad, these are five places that you have to visit during your tour:

  1. The first and the most important place of visit when in Ahmedabad is none other than the Sabarmati Ashram. It was set up by Mahatma Gandhi and is located on the banks of the river Sabarmati, in the same district. It is a couple of kilometres away from the city and can be accessed with the help of any kind of public transport. Once you visit this place you will be transported to a different world altogether. You will see people practising and cultivating the path of life, the Mahatma had envisioned. You can even see the room where Gandhiji had spent twelve years of his life when he had spent at this ashram. A tour of this ashram promises to be an enlightening one.
  2. On a lighter note, if you want to spend a relaxing evening in Ahmedabad, then the perfect place to head out to would be Kankaria Lake. This is also a must visit during your tour since this is the largest lake in the city. It is decorated with lights and colourful fountains every evening, turning it into a visual treat for all the tourists and locals there. Do visit Kankaria Lake during Christmas to attend a carnival that is held here during this time.
  3. There are various places of religious interest in Ahmedabad. Of them you ought to visit the Swami Narayan Temple and the Jama Masjid mosque in order to appreciate true architectural beauty of two different kinds. While the former boasts of a fusion of Maratha and Jain style of architecture, the latter is a perfect testament to Islamic architectural styles.
  4. Ahmedabad is quite famous for its step wells. Do visit the Adalaj Step well from the resort Ahmedabad where you will be staying. Step wells have a unique engineering that keep them cool and were used mainly for rainwater harvesting. The intricate architectural designs are something to truly appreciate.
  5. And last but not the least; do visit the Jhulta Minar for a wonderful experience. When you touch one of the minarets, the other one begins to vibrate, such is the beauty of engineering of these two structures.

Now that you know which are the five places that you simply cannot afford to miss when in Ahmedabad, start planning your trip, today!


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