The Best Possible Ways to Convert from YouTube to Facebook

The Best Possible Ways to Convert from YouTube to Facebook

The Best Possible Ways to Convert from YouTube to Facebook

In today’s world, if you are looking to become an influencer or you are seeking to promote your brand, you know staying confined to one social media platform is not possible. If you have been a YouTuber all the while, then you are surely aware of the immense popularity of Facebook which is surpassing YouTube day by day. So much so forth, Facebook now has twice the amount of active users as compared to YouTube’s. Therefore, there is a dire need of propagating your video on Facebook as well without restricting your boundaries and keeping confined only to YouTube.

If you are a successful YouTuber and you wish to connect to more audiences through Facebook, you cannot simply share the video from YouTube to Facebook. If you do so, your videos on Facebook might gain popularity but there will be zero effect on your YouTube channel and its subscribers. Your prior aim is always to increase the view count on your YouTube videos, so there are a few ways by following which you can successfully gain views.

The best possible way to convert from YouTube to Facebook is discussed below. Firstly, in your video descriptions attach your other social media handles so that people know it’s your authentic account on Facebook or other social media platforms. This will also increase the likelihood of watching your videos. After you are done uploading the video on YouTube, copy the URL of the video and paste it on an online YouTube to Facebook Converter’s page. This service is free of cost and super quick. You will get a new URL which you will have to share on your Facebook timeline.

As soon as people click the shared link on Facebook, they will be redirected to YouTube and they will watch your video there. This will naturally increase the views and you will gain popularity on both the social media platforms. Before converting and posting the video on Facebook, make sure you create a thumbnail exclusive for Facebook. There is a difference in pixels and size of the YouTube’s thumbnail image as compared to Facebook’s. So, with the help of a thumbnail generator, create a customised YouTube to Facebook thumbnail which will have improved pixel and be larger in size.

Improved pixel for the Facebook thumbnail image is necessary as the majority of the Facebook users scroll through their timelines from their smartphones or tablets. For a shorter display and a window which is filled with multiple contents, it is important to have a thumbnail that is large and attractive enough to grab the attention of the users. The thumbnail generator will choose a thumbnail image that is from your video which will represent your content well. However, you can also customise thumbnail as per your requirement. If you want, you can add an image in the online generator and receive a customised YouTube thumbnail as well as a Facebook thumbnail for your video. A thumbnail will be the first image of the video that the audience can view. So, make sure it attractive and catchy.

These are the best possible ways in which you can convert videos from YouTube to Facebook and flourish your trade from both the platforms!


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