Tech Shifts that are changing the face of event tech

Tech Shifts that are changing the face of event tech

Tech Shifts that are changing the face of event tech

In the near past meetings and professional events were boomed with manual processing. Event planners and managers used manual systems to manage the events whether it was attendance, communications were made with printed materials and there was no possibility of feedback between the presenter and listener during the presentation. Event planning in the previous era was a bit of problem and even worse was to analyze the results for planned events. But event planners have now shifted the load from manual systems to technology. The technological advancement has also aided the event industry and now we see the latest tech every day in professional gatherings. This incorporation of technology in the industry has made it beneficial for both the planners and attendees.

Let’s have a look at the gadgets causing a shift:


Not so much time when RFID made their appearance in the industry. A wireless technology which allows a little bit of storage and communication over a reasonable distance has become the new love of designers. RFID is a small chip which can be embedded into almost anything and can transmit information from one source to another. A number of event planners have started to use this new gadget in their gatherings. Tomorrowland, a music festival in Belgium used RFID enabled wristbands for communication between the listeners. When two people in the function met together, they pressed a button and the email was sent between the two, however, attendee names and their respective Facebook accounts were stores prior in the cloud.

After Tomorrowland, many other planners have started using RFID in their events for various tasks.

Event Specific Apps:

Event-specific apps are also changing the face of the event and the tech we used to make our events more engaging and user-friendly. Some time ago, paper-based brochures, agendas, ads, and other info were spread among people of the target society. However, the practice has long been gone now as our smart gadgets have taken this responsibility on their shoulders. Mobile and web application made specifically for event management has made it very easy to both markets the occasion as well as spread important news about it. People can easily access any latest update via such apps. Event planners are going a step ahead using these applications and are analyzing the metrics and performance using these programs. Hence, these applications are becoming increasingly popular and valuable both for designers and the audience.

Augmented reality:

Augmented reality is another booming addition to events tech. For those who don’t what it is, augmented reality is the projection of digital imagery on the physical objects. It is soon to become the most popular addition to the industry. It allows manufacturers to project products before the audience without transporting it physically and also it can bring it to life with its high-quality imagery and interaction. It can be used in hundreds of ways during the function to make it more engaging and targeted.

Tablets and iPads:

Tablet computers are already being used by most of the companies and their effectiveness in making the function more engaging is no match to others. Most planners go for iPad rental services for their events. Different iPad accessories like stands, keyboards, and cases make them even more attractive. Like most other technology is not easy to buy tablets PC’s are also very difficult for an organization to buy and manage for a single function. iPad and tablet hire services here play a very vital in making this amazing gadget for every kind of company.

Social Media Engagement:

It is not a new phenomenon in the industry but as the technology advances so does the methods for social engagements. Taking an example of geographical targeting, a number of event managers use Facebook to target a specific location. So do other platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.


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