Some Interesting Mobile App Development Trends You Must Be Aware of

Some Interesting Mobile App Development Trends You Must Be Aware of

Some Interesting Mobile App Development Trends You Must Be Aware of

There has been a consistent progress and growth in the mobile app industry as more and more organizations are embracing the mobile-first approach. However, the user scene is extremely dynamic and user behavior is changing at a really rapid pace so organizations must continuously adapt themselves to keep up the pace with the growing and shifting demands of the users. Here are some of the interesting mobile app development trends that would be redefining and reshaping themobile application development scenario in 2018.

Micro transactions& Mobile Wallets

If statistics were to be believed around 1.5 billion mobile wallets seemed to be in use in 2017 across the globe. In 2018, more and more users would be using their mobile phones for making daily payments because there is a growing tendency among people to avoid carrying cash around. The mobile wallet is a path-breaking step that has redefined the way people have been handling payments for micro transactions so far. You must necessarily move towards offering mobile payments to all your customers. The mobile wallet is here to stay and is a great thing for the future.

Emphasis on Security

Security would be given top priority in 2018. Both Google and Apple are focusing on security in 2018. Security must be given top priority especially, in terms of mobile banking, mobile payments, emails etc. Right at the inception stage, mobile app developers must concentrate on the security features. They must pay attention to code encryption, API, secure backend, and a trustworthy payment gateway. It is mandatory to test the mobile app in each and every probable scenario before introducing it officially to any app store. You may seek the services of a professional mobile app development company in Mumbai for perfect solutions.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

In an age where experiential retail seems to be crucial, you would be finding several ways Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are improving the way customers navigate, interact, and shop.

In 2018, we will be witnessing more and more organizations using AI for helping users visualize a product or service in the privacy of their own home. For instance, Wayfair assists customers in visualizing furniture pieces sitting in the privacy of their office or home. Augmented Reality is particularly accessible since it is really simple: AR could be utilized on virtually any smartphone requiring no extra equipment.

We have seen Apple introducing Animojis that promotes effective applications of Augmented Reality. Apple is also investing their resources towards accelerating AR glasses development. These are supposed to be the initial efforts at a novel technology that would ultimately become conventional. Moreover, Google unveiled the GGEEor Google Glass Enterprise Edition. This time, new opportunities for solving business issues have been introduced by Google. There is an indication of wide adoption of Augmented Reality wearables. Moreover, we are witnessing how effectively travel agencies are using it for creating simulations of tropical getaways; realtors are using it for giving their customers virtual tours of the beautiful homes they are looking for. Additionally, reputed car dealerships are using it for giving virtual test drives.


The mobile app landscape is changing rapidly with the continuous evolution of technology. It is becoming extremely critical for organizations to stay ahead of the competition. They need to know and understand clearly the growth trends that mark the future of the industry. Mobile app developers must stay abreast of the latest trends and the specific consumer demands that keep driving this industry.


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