6 distinctive features of multimedia & graphic design

6 distinctive features of multimedia & graphic design

6 distinctive features of multimedia & graphic design

Both graphic design and multimedia are components of IT where creative art is infused with business features. Graphic design encompasses a much larger spectrum whereas U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics cited number of employment in the field to be near 200,870, as of May 2009.

Print, broadcast, environmental and electronic media house most designers, bringing a revolution to web development in Dubai and relevant business across the globe. Multimedia on the other hand is a sub-division responsible for creating interactive and animated images for video games, motion picture and electronic medium.

Another report by BLS revealed the number of employed personnel in this field which were around 28,800 as in May 2009.

  1. Basic training & software

The industry of web development in Dubai and across the world requires a candidate bearing at-least a bachelor’s degree in IT or Computer Science. Graphic designers must maintain a portfolio of their previous projects to show potential employers with sound knowledge of relevant software like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Multimedia is a highly competitive field where designers must be prepared to show their work samples at all times while having in-depth expertise over software such as Flash, Autodesk Maya and Dreamweaver.

  1. Wage difference

According to a survey performed by BLS, salary per annum for graphic designers came out to be $47,820 as of May 2009 with higher average rate of $62,810. Top paying industry was federal executive branch at $74,030 whereas highly profitable metropolitan area was San Francisco, California at $74,660.

  1. Graphic v/s multimedia design

Typography, texture, colour, photography and illustration to create innovative visual messages are a few elements commonly used by graphic designers associated with web development in Dubai.

Field of multimedia advance with time like evolution of Internet, social media, video games and so on! Graphic designers take into account visual communication problems and solve them on behalf of prospective employers and clients thus enhancing images.

Adding special effects to further bolster quality of websites, videos, mobile technologies, commercials and film is something multimedia professionals deal with. Creating website and visual content for newspaper, magazines, educational institutions or any other website for instance are a few responsibilities of graphic designers. BLS perceived employment ratio for both fields would increase by 13 and 14 percent respectively by 2018.

  1. Career opportunities

The rate at which IT industry is advancing, careers in both multimedia and graphic design appears promising. Let’s have a look at how accessible, immediate and interactive it’ll be to work in any multimedia or graphic designing.

  1. Facts you should know

Multimedia mediums combine features of art and technology to develop interactive programs and applications. A few examples include 2D and 3D modelling, animation software, audio/video programs and basic graphic design applications.

Uploading images over a website, aligning layout and margins while ensuring graphics are crisp and would certainly attract potential reader are a few tasks vested on graphic designers. Also, understanding languages such as HTML and CSS are a must that helps in coding and programming.

  1. Professional Courses

There’re many institutions located all over the world teaching basic to advance practical courses such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and others. Asides European region, there’re outstanding opportunities of web development in Dubai as IT industries are booming swiftly.


Both graphic and multimedia designing fields have a bright career path being a division of IT with numerous learning opportunities.


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