4 ways mannequins boost your store appearance

4 ways mannequins boost your store appearance

4 ways mannequins boost your store appearance

The retail business is booming with extensive competition between the retail firms. To keep pace with the ever increasing competition in the retail world it is crucial for a retailer to adapt to the latest marketing tactics. Here plays visual merchandising its vital role. Merchandising is the art of showcasing your stores offerings in such an artistic way that persuades the viewer to take some action. There is variety of accessories merchandisers use to give their storefronts a taste that instantly gets the viewer in. Visually appealing products like mannequins, body forms, dress forms, acrylic displays add plenty of appeal to the outlook of any retail brand. Successful retailing requires effective merchandising that incorporates several aspects like fixtures, lighting, signage, focal points to create a unique display window.

Manikin is the ultimate commodity for any merchandiser. It is a human like doll which has almost the same synaptic maps and classifications as humans. Fashion outlets have been using mannequins for centuries. There are different types these dummies available in the market most used of them are bendable mannequin, headless and realistic models. These artificial humans have uncountable benefits when in display, but here we will go through only seven of them.

Mannequins sketch the merchandise:

They are known as human replicas for being very close to human shape and features. Using a human replica to exhibit your merchandise gives viewers a sketch or overview of how the particular dress will actually look onto their body. Having poseable nature these dummies can be positioned into any human pose to give a more realistic look. Similarly merchandisers can use different accessories to give their replicas a specific look. Traditionally you can fold up the dresses or hung them on the hanger but the buyer cannot have the complete outlook of the dress. While a mannequin dressed completely can not only exhibit the dress properly but it also helps buyer to make a sketch of the dress in mind.

Target any fashion altitude:

As a blank paper which can be used to write any new thing on it, display dummy is also like a blank paper and the merchandiser has the choice to mold it in any altitude which he likes. For example if you are a bridal wear store, a full sized female manikin can be dressed in a bridal dress to portray wedding theme in the window. Similarly these dolls are available in different colors, shapes and sizes so they can be used to target certain community, demographics, and age groups. Kid models can be used to create school or playfield themed displays.

Create focal points for special merchandise:

Focal points are very crucial to differentiate your special merchandise from ordinary. Designers can use mannequins to give even more creative look to their focal points. You can use different lightings to highlight crucial element in your display window. Focal points can be created either inside the store or in the display. You can use multiple types of mannequins in display as adjustable mannequins for sale are available at a very catchy price.

Mannequins market complete look book:

A mannequin can bring max benefit when it is given complete look. Not only it provides artistic demo of what buyer is about to buy but it also helps retailers increase up-selling. They are also known as silent salesmen for their ability to sell multiple items. A mannequin with supporting accessories near cash counter is best to achieve maximum up-selling.


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