How to provide your lawn with proper nutrients?

How to provide your lawn with proper nutrients?

How to provide your lawn with proper nutrients?

In order to get a healthy lawn in front of your house you need to take some extra care on the soil management techniques. People usually love to irrigate their lawns but they are not spending proper time in developing and improving the soil quality of the lawn. By making the soil fertile you can also save water required to the lawn as always a fertile and adequate soil will need only little amount of water compared to the other ones. It is very easy to improve the quality of the soil either by using organic manures or inorganic chemical fertilisers but the latter will not produce results in a sustained manner. However, administering these fertilisers in a balanced way is always challenging to any gardeners and in this scenario, you could try to buy best commercial fertilizer spreader with the help of gardening blogs available on the online world.

Important soil nutrients

Before administering the fertilisers to your soil, it is very important to have a soil test done on the filed. If your lawn is spread around a huge area then you need to get soil samples from different locations of the yard. You should not get the soil samples after ploughing and after a rain because they can modify the originality of the soil nutrient values. Nitrogen is lawn the most needed by any plant and this helps in creating a dense lawn in your home. Carbon is also a common and much needed nutrient for the soil. However, in order to provide your lawn with a balanced amount of nutrient you need to provide fertilisers to the nook and corner of the lawn and this is not possible only with the help of human labours. You could use some spreaders and the best commercial fertilizer spreader is available only for a nominal cost in the market.

Why spreaders are needed?

The time gap available for as gardener in availing the nutrients to his lawn will be very short and in this scenario, only a machine can complete the work within a single day. When you are having a spreader, then you could fertilise the entire lawn with two days and you can do it yourself in a weekend. Spreaders are of various kind depending upon their movement and application strategies. There are different spreaders available in the market for different forms of fertilisers, as liquid spreaders cannot be used to apply dusty fertilisers.

Major spreaders famous in the market

Hand held: This is used to apply fertilisers in smaller lawns comparatively and they will have a capacity of around 2 litres. In order to control the speed of fertiliser application a gearbox is present in these kind of spreaders and they are manually operated.

Drop spreaders: These spreaders are used in larger lawns and can be carried with the help of manual support. During the movement, they spared the fertilisers in a uniform way and in certain types, a machine is used to drive the spreader.


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