3 Common Kitchen Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

3 Common Kitchen Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

3 Common Kitchen Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Do you clean your house by yourself? For sure, you must have realized up how difficult it is deal with the dirty house. Things turn even worse when you head on to the kitchen. Most of you are in a habit of cleaning your kitchen on the regular basis in order to protect your beloved family with unhygienic environment at your home-sweet-home. But there are some cleaning methods being practiced that exacerbate the situation very often due to the debris and bacteria being spread all around the house.

Whether you do the house and kitchen cleaning yourself or get it done by the reputable cleaning company Dubai, it’s really important to avoid these common cleaning mistakes. So let’s dive in now;

Dirty Dishwasher

You usually breathe a big sigh of relief when your dishwasher is so supportive to get your rid of all the stubborn stains from all your utensils in one easy wash. But does it really mean that your dishwasher doesn’t really need to be cleaned? Not at all. For sure, you need to be very careful yet concerned about your dishwasher cleaning. Since it’s quite a useful tool you have that’s used to clean your dishes, you must be highly concerned that it’s also clean.

Make sure to clean it with bleach-based cleaner once in a month. If there is any stinky odor, just keep 1 cup of distilled white vinegar in the trop rack of your empty dishwasher. Then just run it on a full normal cycle. It will allow the vinegar acids to break down the debris as well as residue.

Don’t forget the Bottom up cleaning method

Whether you do the cleaning stuff all by yourself or get it done by the professional cleaning company Dubai, it’s essential to keep up with the bottom up cleaning method. Most of you go wrong when it comes to mopping and sweeping the floor. The strategic way to deal with any sort of cleaning is going from top to bottom. It’s essential to get done with wiping countertops, appliances and kitchen accessories first and then head on to sweeping and mopping.

Because the dust travels from top to bottom. If you clean the floor first and then wipe the countertops, you willing actually be making things difficult for yourself. So just do it smart and keep it simple.

Sponges spread Bacteria

What! Did you just say that? How do I clean my utensils then? And so may what’s, when’s and Why’s you would surely be having. Did you know that the sponge you use at least 10 times a day is quite likely to spread over 320 million bacteria that directly cause diseases? Yes it does. So what Now? You shouldn’t be using sponges then? Not at all. Instead, you can keep up with a simple cleaning routine.

Just microwave your wet sponge for about 2 minutes and it will remove all the bacteria. For sure, it’s quite a simple step but its work implementing as it prevents all sorts of foodborne diseases.


Are you looking for the 3 most common kitchen cleaning mistakes that you must avoid? This piece of content carries some really useful info about this.


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