Significance on En Caul Birth

Significance on En Caul Birth

Significance on En Caul Birth

In medical terminology En Caul Baby Birth is a rare term. It connotes a situation where the baby finds itself in an amniotic sac and this is right after birth. This sac is full of fluid inside the womb where the baby grows and develops. It is also known as membranes as the sac is embedded with a couple of them known as the chorion and amnion. The sac is filled with a plain fluid liquid where the baby moves and floats. This sac tends to break on its own after birth and as per the mother it is known as water breaking. It has to be stated that in this form of birth the baby is born inside the intact membranes.

In certain cases the baby is born with a caul attached to their head or face. Babies who are born in this manner are stated to be the ones born with a shirt. It is harmless and the piece of membrane is being removed by the doctor in an easy manner. Sometimes this form of birth is considered to be frightening for a mother but just consider it as a harmless form of birth.

This form of birth is on the rarer side and 1 out of 80,000 babies tend to have this type of birth. Most Caul birth tends to arise in premature babies and it may need a C section. As it is normally the case a rare event does have its own share of myths along with beliefs floating around it.

The various myths associated with caul birth.

In various forms of Europe mythologies it was stated that a baby born with a caul was incapable of drowning. The immunity is going to last as long as you have the caul with you. There was an incident where a boy went on to drown after a year the mother threw away the caul. Regardless of the fact that a caul preventing a person from drowning, many families went to sell cauls to a sailors for a decent amount of money as well.

In most cultures, a caul was considered to be a symbol of good luck. It could very well arise from the rarity of the condition but many interesting stories have floated around cauls. The Roman midwives went to sell cauls to sailors as if they owned them the chances of losing a case were remote. This superstition extended to countries like Denmark, Finland along with Iceland. Some other cultures were of the opinion that powdered caul could cure malaria. Say for example, in the country of Dalmatia, if a skill was placed under the bed of a person who was at death bed, it was stated that the process would become a lot easy. On the other hand, in Belgium the caul would only be lucky if it was buried in a field. It was also common for the coal miners to carry cauls with them so that the chances of fire were remote.


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