Preventions to be taken at taken at the time of pre child birth

Preventions to be taken at taken at the time of pre child birth

Preventions to be taken at taken at the time of pre child birth

Pregnant mothers need to get familiar with birth defects so these can be avoided. Some important steps should be taken by expecting mothers so the pregnancy stage is healthy and the baby is also healthy.

Planning well in advance

This is one of the most important decisions so you need to plan ahead and be prepared for it. Even before conception it is important to consult your health expert.  If proper care is not taken then birth defects are very common during initial three months of pregnancy. You can check with spina bifida surgery in India and collect more information about birth defects during early pregnancy.

Speak to your doctor in case you have faced earlier birth defects.

Folic acid

To reduce chances of birth defects expected mothers can get started with taking regular dose of folic acid during pregnancy. This will help in reducing chances of defects by at least 70 percent. It proves helpful in eliminating chances of NTD (neural defects) which is very much common to affect during initial pregnancy stages.

No alcohol

If you are used to taking alcohol then during pregnancy it is advisable to stop taking it completely. It is advisable to avoid it completely as it can lead to numerous post pregnancy defects along with child birth defects. Alcohol is also believed to offer with long lasting effects in baby as well as mothers during pregnancy.

Give up smoking

Smoking is any ways a very bad habit that leaves your body with numerous disadvantages. When thinking of conceiving then it is ideal to give up smoking habit completely. As per experts smoking can leave hazardous effects on the health of the baby and the mother. It is also related to lower child weight during birth, cleft platelets and much more. You can search online for spina bigida surgey in India and check with effects of smoking to mother and child’s health.

Follow best life style

Being pregnant is a dream come true for most women and so it is important that every moment of it should be enjoyed to its fullest. You need to follow healthy diet, lots of fruits vegetables and nutrients. It is also important to follow a regular diet plant on daily basis. As you are eating so it is also important for you to include a small exercise session in your daily plans. In general most health experts always suggest to start with smaller sessions of Yoga or aerobics. Regular breathing exercise is also ideal for expected mothers. This will always prove helpful in eliminating any complications at the time of child  birth.

Stay away from infections

To have a health baby it is important for you to stay physically and mentally fit. Some infections should always be avoided so it is important to have regular doctor visits for check ups. Maintain proper hygiene and wash hands regularly before and after eating. Is you are working out doors then you need to take extra level of precautions.

Proper immunization is also important for maintain baby and mother health.


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