Get to know more about PET CT Scan

Get to know more about PET CT Scan

Get to know more about PET CT Scan

 About PET CT scan

 It is one of the advanced nuclear imaging techniques which are combined with Positron emission tomography and Computed tomography. This test reveals the information about the structure along with functions of the tissues along with cells in the body when it is exposed to imaging sessions.  When the patients is about to move for this test, they are injected first with a glucose which contains the materials of radioactive. This substance is absorbed by the tissues of particular organ which is in the state of examination.

In these examination patients is allowed to rest on the table which is then slides into the scanner of large tunnel shape.   This machine will help you to examine cancer cells as they absorb more glucose than normal cells. The procedure is painless in nature and its depends on the length depends on the part of the body. It provides the detailed picture of the cancerous tissues. All the images are captured in the single scan that provides high level of accuracy.  There are many hospitals in all over India that provides this treatment. Pet CT scan center in Hyderabad is also one of them that provide such kind of treatments in best ways.

Main purpose of PET CT scan

 This test will allow you to check any diseases in the bodyThis scan is having special dye that is having radioactive tracers which can be taken by the person before moving for examination. The organs in the body is absorbed this tracer to give accurate results. This scan is done in order to find out the flow of blood in the body. How much oxygen is taking by your body and the rate of metabolism of organs along with tissues?

  • It is done to find out Cancer
  • Any heart problems person is suffering from
  • Disorders in the brain

Scanning will help you in showing the bright spots on cancer cells which is one of the advanced techniques in detecting cancer. It will also show you the supply of blood in the heart that has been decreased.  With the help of this scanning they are able to detect such areas of the brains which are not working properly.

 Importance of this test

 This test will help you in showing the diseases at an early stage by making changes in your cells. It will help the doctors to take early decisions regarding the diseases as to save the life of the person in better way. It is important for the person that they should follow clear instructions from their doctors before going for test. It will help them to getting accurate result. On the other side, when the test is over patients are instructed not to make contact with pregnant women and infants as radioactive materials are harmful for them. Best pet CT scan  in Hyderabad will help you in getting the right kind of treatment after diagnosing the disease.


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