How to cope up with Breast Cancer During Pregnancy

How to cope up with Breast Cancer During Pregnancy

How to cope up with Breast Cancer During Pregnancy

If you are prone to breast cancer during pregnancy then big trouble is in store for you? In this regard the treatment options would be limited as your primary objective would be to ensure best treatment for the mother along with the baby.  The type along with pattern of treatment needs to be planned and discussed with your doctor well in advance.

Oncology pregnancy medicine does point to the fact that treating a cancer pregnant woman is the same as treating a non-pregnant one. This is to cure or prevent it and it is very possible to restrict the spreading of it. The added burden of protecting an unborn baby could complicate the problem as well.

Would you consider it safe to treat breast cancer during pregnancy?

In case if you are prone to breast cancer and there are a lot of choices to be made, then be aware of each of them and decide what works best for you? Pregnant women could seek treatment for breast cancer, but the types of treatment could vary according to the stage of pregnancy. The treatment options are likely to be influenced

  • The location where the tumor position itself
  • The size of the tumor
  • If the cancer has gone on to make way considerably and how far it has reached
  • The personal preferences along with the overall health

When you are pregnant any form of surgery is safe. When you are in the second or third trimester of pregnancy chemotherapy works out to be a safe choice but it has to be said that you keep away from it during the first trimester of pregnancy. Say other forms of treatment like radiation therapy are not provided to the baby because it causes damages. Medication for infection in pregnancy does prevent the spreading of the tumor.

It has been observed that the treatment options could be a tinge complicated if it involves the best form of treatment for both the mother along with the baby. For example a woman is suspected to have breast cancer during the early phase of pregnancy and needs chemotherapy at that very point then the advice that might come in is to terminate the pregnancy. A counsellor would need to provide you with emotional support at this point of time as well. There are some other thoughts that ending your pregnancy are not going to put an end to your cancer troubles.

Though there are varied pitfalls with this form of treatment, it is suggested that you do not terminate the pregnancy once you are found out with breast cancer. This could be an option that could be exercised when all other forms of treatment are concerned. This policy does apply to aggressive type of cancers as well. Any surgery that is performed relating to the breast is rated to be safe during pregnancy. Some of the options would include removal of the entire breast or to remove the breast which does contain a portion of the cancer.


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