Complications And Treatments For Pregnant Mothers With HIV

Complications And Treatments For Pregnant Mothers With HIV

Complications And Treatments For Pregnant Mothers With HIV

There are problems related to mothers having HIV while they become pregnant but that does not mean a mother’s HIV infection would surely be transmitted to the baby. If a woman is suffering from AIDS and is on the starting days of pregnancy they should immediately start with the treatment and changes in lifestyle as prescribed to them. There are new treatments too that have made the chances of transmission even less, making it easier for women with HIV to have healthy babies.

Complications it may have during pregnancy

Mothers who are getting treatments and are prepared to protect their baby from HIV infection are likely to have a perfectly healthy baby. A mother needs to have a healthy lifestyle, which is the most important factor in controlling AIDS so that it does not get to the next generation. The protective measures taken by placenta are decreased when a person suffers from an advanced stage of HIV infection, malnutrition or spread of HIV in the uterus.

There should be proper prenatal care of the pregnant women suffering from HIV infection by the introduction of hiv/aids medicine prescribed by healthcare experts. The experts should be checked with and they should be told about occurrence of symptoms. Healthcare professionals should not use tests that are invasive in nature to avoid transmission.

Babies can get the infection during delivery and also during breastfeeding unless the advice of doctors is not followed. In this way of going through intensive care and treatment, the chances of getting HIV is reduced to a minimum percentage.

Treatments related to HIV/AIDS

HIV infections in pregnant women need to be under scanner of doctors. A combination of treatments should be used to help in the prevention of infection from crossing the placenta. There are some special drugs which are very necessary for treating AIDS. There are also associated medications required to prevent transmission.

There are certain lifestyle changes that are prescribed by professionals and those should be administered to help in controlling HIV infection. These include:

  1. Any kind of narcotic usage like smoking, drugs and also alcoholism.
  2. Malnutrition leading to vitamin deficiency.

These are certain problems that accelerate transmission and should be changed. These things when getting into a right track decreases the percentage of transmission chances. These natural causes have always been as important as medicines to carry out hiv/aids treatment during pregnancy resulting in lower risks.

Proper medications and measures need to be taken during the time of delivery and breastfeeding because these two are the commonest place where HIV can be transmitted to the baby. An advice of the doctors must be followed along with several lifestyle changes to prevent this issue. Due to a higher dosage, the medicines can cause side effects like nausea and vomiting, but that is better than transmission of the disease.


These treatments are very necessary for pregnant women and modern advancements in medicine have made the percentage of successful transmission control higher. This is due to factors responsible for making the transmission getting prevented and the placenta being protected from infection with some minor side effects.


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