The tasty and everyone’s favourite momos

The tasty and everyone’s favourite momos

The tasty and everyone’s favourite momos

Momo is a dish that has originated in Tibet and slowly with the spread of customs and culture has spread to the neighbouring countries such as China, Japan, India and Nepal.It is a type of dumpling which has been steamed and filled with a type of filling.It is a favourite delicacy in places and communities of Nepal and Tibet and is almost the staple dish of Darjeeling district(a district in West Bengal of India). It is also a popular fast food in India especially in metropolitan like Delhi Kolkata and Mumbai.You will get vendors making momos steam then hot momosa common street food in India.

They are of a variety of types according to their kind of filling. They can be meet momo with different varieties of meat such as chicken, lamb, goat and even pork and beef.Usually minced meet with some kind of spices is used.For vegetarians there are two kinds ofmomosthe plain mixed vegetable ones or the tofu and cheese ones.Some momos consists ofa mildly spicedfilling of vegetables. The vegetables used can be cabbage, carrot, potato and beans.Cheese momos are also common in which we can add cheese with any kind of meat or Vegetable momo.

 There are now recent and quirky variations in momossuch as chocolate momos or sweet momos.In this kind of momo chocolate syrup chocolate ganache and dark chocolate fillings is often used it is usually decorated with chocolate chips and served hot.Tandoori Momos are a very common delicacy in India to the traditional momo. Tandoori is kind of meat which separation which has been cooked in Tandoor or oven.

Normal momocan also be filled with spicy Chilli curry and served with tomato sauce.It is a very people’s favourite.Basically there are three types of mama preparation steam fried and Pan fried.It is a healthy dish which is usually served with tomato sauce a hot sauce and a bowl of soup. The soup usually consists of a cabbage broth which is very healthy and yet tasty.There are some restaurants which specialise in momos; they provide new twists to the traditional momos.Mushroomscan be added for taste and also healthy bean sprouts can be added to the form filling.Chicken broth can be served along with the collector of momos.

The word momo is originated from Chinese word momo which means steam press.Momos are usually either moon shaped orcrescent shaped.Because of this shape it is usually hard to make at home.The outer covering of Momo is very delicate so during making momos we need to take care that it does not tear. Also omitting utensil has been created and is called to mucktoo. Usually people prefer the Spicy hot meat filling because the momo covering or bread is very mild in taste. So what are you waiting for, get yourself a momo recipe in Hindi or English and cook yourself some healthy and tasty dumplings at home.


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