Pizzas From Around The World To Allure You

Pizzas From Around The World To Allure You

Pizzas From Around The World To Allure You

Pizza! The word is alluring enough for eight to eighties. That crunchy crust with amazing and various toppings with cheesy outburst can make your day. When you eat pizza, you don’t remember which country had invented it, or what type of pizza is the tastiest. You just jump over the pizza box and fight for the last slice with your friends. To celebrate first job appointment or your amazing result of board exams, pizza can always be your companion.

A little bit background information about your ‘best friend’ is OK, right? Basically, the word ‘Pizza’ is derived from the word, ‘Pita’. It means ‘Pie’. But, nowadays, the pie and pizza are a completely different genre of food, no? Know about the awesome pizzas around the world, enjoying over slices of Londis pizza.

  1. Lahma Bi Ajeen

This is a Lebanese form of pizza which is a famous delicacy of Middle East where it is known by several other names. The meaning of Lahma Bi Ajeen is ‘Meat with dough’. The main ingredients of this yummy pizza are ground lamb, minced onion, yogurt, and cumin. It is too delicious to taste. Include it on your must-have list while you are in the Middle East.

  1. Calzone

This awesome food belongs to the land of Pizza, Italy. As Italy is the father figure of pizza, you can get the most experimented recipes there, and calzone is one of the tastiest among those. Maybe it doesn’t look like a usual pizza, i.e, on flatbread, but this folded pizza with yummy stuffing can make you go crazy over it. Made of usual pizza ingredients, the calzone is amazing to have while hanging out with friends.

  1. Marinara

You can call it the base of the pizza. This is basically one of the oldest forms of pizza that was made for the mariners of Italy. It is basically the pizza crust, topped with only tomato sauce, oil, oregano, and garlic. This Italian delicacy was stored for voyages so that mariners could make pizza while sailing on the sea. The name says it all!

  1. Chicago or Deep Dish Pizza

The deep dish pizza is named over the famous city as it was invented in Chicago. When Italian immigrants got dishearten for not getting their loved Neapolitan pizza in Chicago, they came up with something interesting and deep dish pizza was born. This is a pizza with edgy crust with fillings of vegetables, meat, crushed tomatoes and finally, the slices of mozzarella. How does it taste? Heavenly!

  1. Margherita

This is one of the most famous forms of Italian pizza which was named after the first Queen of Italy and the wife of King Umberto. This is made of tomato, fresh basil, and mozzarella cheese which represent the color of Italian Flag. Today, several variations are added to Margherita, but the taste is really mind-blowing.

These are some of the world’s yummiest pizza which you can also find in Londis pizza menu. Order whatever you want and enjoy your favorite hot and crispy pizza.



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