Some lovely Continental Dishes that you can whip up at home

Some lovely Continental Dishes that you can whip up at home

Some lovely Continental Dishes that you can whip up at home

With winter being just round the corner, the time for enjoying continental dishes is already here. The cold weather brings with it a variety of choices in terms of continental dishes and if you are fond of this cuisine, then you are in for a treat!

In fact there are a few continental dishes that you can easily whip up at home without any hassle at all! And well if you do not want to take the trouble of making it at home, then you always have continental dishes like Pasta Restaurant Delivery services that will bring to you the dish of your choice.

Here are some easy to make continental dishes that you can definitely try making at home:

  1. A typical continental cuisine dinner, especially an European one begins with soup. There are a various varieties of soups that you can easily make at home like tomato soup and chicken clear soup being the easiest ones. These take less than half an hour to make and hence you can whip them up in a jiffy. These are healthy too and hence make for a nice starter to a meal. If you want then you can make the soups a little bit heavy and your entire meal will be done!
  2. If you are craving for some cheese then there is nothing better than baked dishes which are even easier to make. All you have to do is boil some potatoes and mash them. Then on top of it you can add a layer of anything that you like say boiled vegetables or minced meat. Then add another layer of mashed potatoes on top of that and finally spread some white sauce on it. The final touch will come with a layer of cheese being sprinkled on top of the entire thing. Then set in the oven and bake it for some time and your baked product is ready!
  3. Another great dish that you can always try at home is pasta. You always have the option to Order Pasta home delivery but you can also make it at home as well. You can make some white sauce or red sauce as per your choice, boil some pasta and then all you have to do is toss it in the sauce and your homemade pasta is ready!
  4. Well if you are a fan of cottage cheese or paneer then you can try out another great dish where you have to place boiled and finely chopped spinach in the bottom layer, cottage cheese on the next layer and then again finish off the top with some white sauce and tomatoes. Bake it for a few minutes and you have a continental delicacy in your plate.
  5. Finish off your meal with a lovely custard which can be prepared easily with milk and some custard powder. Add some fruits and chocolate crumbs to it for a delicious taste.

So these are some very easy to make continental dishes that you can try at home any day!


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