Different Types of Cakes Kids Love

Different Types of Cakes Kids Love

Different Types of Cakes Kids Love

Kids are fond of desserts. No matter whatever you prepare for them if there are cakes, chocolates and ice creams for their birthday parties they will love it intently. When it comes to birthdays, kids or adults, all love cakes. Kids are fond of designer cakes, like Dora cakes or Mickey Mouse cakes. Cakes based on cartoon characters always excite them and their friends. So, while arranging the next birthday party for your kiddo, you can order a cake, based on his favourite cartoon characters. Here are some of the most popular cartoon cakes kids will love the most. Read on to know more-

  1. Dora Cake– Dora is an intelligent girl who set on adventures with her animal friends. If your kid loves to watch this cartoon, surprise her with a cake, modelled on these characters. Choose the flavour your kid likes and also choose the flavour of cream. A gorgeous colourful Dora cake will make her happiest on her birthday.
  2. Mini Cupcakes– Cupcakes are really cute. Not only kids but adults are also fond of these cute cakes. If you are invited to a birthday party, you can gift a box of beautiful cupcakes to the birthday kid. Designer cupcakes, like owl cupcakes, ice cream cupcakes, cupcakes with smileys, etc. look awesome and taste great.
  3. Rainbow Cakes– If you want to make your kid’s birthday brighter, there is nothing better than this cake. It can be chocolate cake or strawberry cake, but the outer parts look adorable with rainbow-coloured decoration. Once you place it on the centre table, it will bring an immediate smile to your kid’s face.
  4. Castle Cake– Your little princess will love you more if you order a castle cake for her. A three-layered of cake is perfect for a fairy tale birthday party. The sugary details also add an extra layer to the cake. It looks lovely and tastes great. Order it now.
  5. Pizza Cake– Fool your kids with a pizza cake where they can find olives, bacon, pepperonis, etc. and all are made of cakes! Even there are saucy toppings which are made of creams. Your kid loves pizza and cakes too. How about making this great combination and surprise him!
  6. Fruit Cake– No, this is not the common fruit-stuffed cakes, available on Christmas. Rather, it is the cream-filled cakes, decorated with lots of real fruits. It looks like a fruit garden. This is also good for your kid as they can have pineapples, watermelons, grapes, kiwis and lots of other fruits while having it.
  7. Butterfly– How about ordering a butterfly cake for your little girl? The colourful wings will attract them more. Chocolate cake with gems topping and coloured creams will make them happiest.

These are the interesting cakes you can order for your kiddo. They will love these designer cakes and their birthdays will be the occasion for what they will wait throughout the year. If you are making it at home, you need to be enough expertise in it.


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