5 Rice Recipes to Make at Home

5 Rice Recipes to Make at Home

5 Rice Recipes to Make at Home

In a country like India, which is agriculturally rich, rice is a staple food as it grows in abundance here. That is why; most people prefer to have rice in their meal. Not only that, rice has protein and minerals which gives energy and also keeps the stomach full for a long time.

In India, different varieties of rice are grown and one can select the type of the rice according to the dish they are making. There are numerous possible ways to cook rice in India, some add vegetables and spices with rice while cooking and some add ghee or curd and mix rice well with it before eating. This depends on the region and state and the food culture of people that what kind of rice they prefer to it. But rice is not only used to make basic rice dishes but it is an integral part in many other food recipes like Dosa, Idli, rice kheer and sweet desserts like Phirni and Payesh.

If one wants to find masala rice recipe, they will get it in a proper cook book or in an online cooking websites. But apart from that there are also other delicious rice recipes they can try at home. Here are a few ideas that you can try.

Hyderabadi Veg Biriyani: This is a very popular veg rice recipe which has its base in Hyderabad as the name says. This one is slow cooked in dum and that is why the dish becomes delicious and unique. It has its own flavours and aromas because use of mild spices is there and one can have it with some spicy side dish.

Pulao: If you do not have time for elaborate cooking but still want to eat something fancy then you can try your hand on making Pulao. Use aromas and vegetables to give it a nice twist of taste. You can also use soy chunks or meat dices to make it taste even better. Use of spice and chillies will depend on how much spicy you want your pulao to be.

Fried Rice: Since Chinese dishes have gained popularity in India, fried rice also has become a very common found recipe here. We have given a proper Indian makeover to this dish. One just need plain white rice and some fried vegetables and meat chunks to stir fry in oil and your Indian styled fried rice in ready in minutes. Add some chilli sauce and there you go.

MoongDaalKhichdi: This is a very comfort recipe made from rice and moong lentils. If you are not feeling well, then this can be a light dish for you which are easy to digest and at the same time it tastes good.

Jeera Rice: This is also a very popular rice dish which one can make at home. As the name goes, the major thing needed here apart from rice is cumin and it is better to use basmati rice to cook this dish.

One can easily make these delectable rice dishes at home and enjoy.


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