Modest Fashion : How To Get It Right

Modest Fashion : How To Get It Right

Modest Fashion : How To Get It Right

The elegant, modest style and subtle beauty of Muslim women has taken the world by a storm in the recent times. With the advent of social media Muslim women from all over the world are influencing the fashion industry with their gorgeous and unique style. The world is at awe to see these women amalgamate the western trends with their own demure fashion effortlessly. Young Muslim women are surprisingly going out of the box and rocking everything from skirts to gowns to hijabs and abayas with equal panache.

Online shops have muslim woman clothing which are not only affordable but also on trendy. These pieces can be mixed and matched to create a new look for every single occasion.


Their variety ranges from black abayas for classic looks which are also great for gifting to your mom and aunts and other loved ones. There are abayas in both casual styles as well as formal ones with more elaborate embroideries to jazz you up for any party.


You can find hijabs in different prints, colours, textures and fabric to satisfy your needs. You can even find embellished ones for special occasions. They are an essential for Muslim women. Their interesting drapes and pattern can elevate any boring outfit. Stock them up in basic colours as well and trendy prints so they can rescue any of your look.

Maxi Dresses 

  • This the trendiest and most stylish piece of clothing you can wear. Go for the printed ones for a summery fresh, boho princess look. They are a great piece to wear at the beach. Definitely pick one up before you leave for your next vacation.


Tunics can be your everyday saviour. Tunics come in the the most varied styles in different lengths, shapes, colour and fabric. They can be worn with wide legged linen pants for a comfortable, summer look. With jeans for your casual everyday look or you can dress them up by pairing with gorgeous sharara pants for an easy party look.


Don’t think layering is a trend restricted to the mainstream western fashion. Shrugs are great for adding an extra layer to not only keep you warm but also add more dimension to your look. They are perfect for the temperamental autumn weather or even during long flights. You can sneak into its cozy comfort whenever you feel the chill. However, shrugs in lighter, breathable fabrics are great for layering during the summer months to add some modesty to your western garments.


Kaftans with their angel sleeves draping around your arms will make you feel nothing less than an angel. They often come with beautiful pleatings which makes your silhouette look ethereal. Pick the ones with heavy embroidery for special occasions.

Modest clothing options for Muslim woman clothing online are aplenty. These are just few of them. If you want to experiment with your looks and try fusion fashion here are a few outfit ideas:

  • Wear voluminous long skirts with button down shirts along with your hijab. Accessorize with ethnic jewellery.
  • Wear a flannel shirt with your jeans and layer with a long coat and a printed hijab for a sophisticated look. You can lay one end of the hijab across your chest to show off the print while covering it.
  • Wear sleek maxi skirts with full sleeved blouses and a long jacket and drape a printed hijab in a turban style.

With these ideas, you can be a fashionista on a budget!


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