Make Your Child’s First Birthday One to Remember

Family occasions are a happy time for everybody. As guests, we look forward to a lovely party with nice food and music. While everybody looks forward for a celebration, no one exactly understands the pressure behind organising it. When organising comes to your mind, what all do you think is to be kept in mind? From decorations, seating, food and beverage, music everything needs to be done perfectly. Now mostly, people go low-key for some events like birthdays and anniversaries, but when it comes to your child’s first day, people want to make it huge. But, sometimes, the host do not have as much s time to take care of all the details. They do need a helping hand. And that helping hand would be the event organisers. In today’s article, we would be talking about event organisers.

Now, almost each and every big city has event management companies to help people out with their occasions. But, I am picking the topic of the event organisers in Mumbai. As said by all, Mumbai is the city of dreams. And when it comes to your child’s first birthday, you want nothing but only the best. But most parents are busy with their careers and their other works, that even if they want to throw a party, they cannot do it all by themselves.

There are many party planners in Mumbai that take up the whole responsibility of your party. Now, your job as a host would be to give them a budget for the party and the remaining headache is theirs. Following are the things that come under their job description:

  1. To come up with a good theme for the party. For example, since it is the first birthday party they are planning for, they should theme it with cartoons and Disney characters or clowns etc. as per the client’s choice.
  2. To make sure the food is served according to the client’s choice. Upsetting a client would be losing one. And no one definitely wants that.
  3. Taking care of decoration and lights. Now this would be taken care by first finding out if it is a day event or a night event. A night event should be well illuminated.
  4. Seating arrangement should be done properly. All the seats should be placed in a manner that no guest becomes out of sight.
  5. Food becomes the most important thing in a party. Because tons of criticism come if the food is not right. But also, it the event managers job to bring good food and yet stay within the budget.

There are many party planners in each city and some of them are specialised in their event. For example, birthday party planners in Mumbai are specialised in planning birthday parties for clients with different needs. It the job of the planners to come up with different themes and party ideas for each and every party. This is what makes them the best. Repetitive themes become boring and a client is always looking forward to something new, something that they haven’t seen or heard of.

So, in case you are looking forward to celebrating your child’s first birthday party, but sadly do not have enough time to plan it out; then you should definitely take help of these party planners. All you have to do is be the perfect host for the event.


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