Effective use of hair oils


If one gets a good hair massage then it can stimulate the nervous system and also revitalises the body. When one follows a Ayurvedic system then they should apply hair oil and massage them properly so that it can enhance the quality and strength of the hair. Apart from that, applying hair oil also leads to other benefits like preventing early greying of hair, keeping the mind calm, relieving stress and preventing things like insomnia and headache.

There are some best Ayurvedic hair oil for hair re growth and they work best when one can warm the oil which are fused with medical benefits and then apply it on the scalp and hair. The medicinal herbs present there can be of greatest benefits.

Hair type and time of application of hair oil

If one has a thin, dry and frizzy hair then they mainly have the Vata hair category but if they are thin and are prone to early greying, then it is the Pitta category. If the hair type is oily and thick then it belongs to the Kapha category.

One can go for sesame and almond oil because they can be a very good base for people who have Vata hair types. Both of these oils have some incredible properties which can reduce the stiffness of the scalp. When one has Pitta category of hair then they can oil coconut hair oil has they have a cooling effect and they can pacify the Pitta easily. If people has Kapha category of hair then they can also use olive oil and sesame oil which has a lot of cleansing property and it can also keep the scalp pores open.

It is always recommended that one should go for oil massages in the evening because it is the most beneficial during this time of the entire day. The evening time of the day is dominated by the Vata dosha and if one applies sesame oil during that time then it can calm down the Vata dosha. Coconut oil on the other hand is mainly advised to be used in the morning because it can increase the Vata dosha at night.

In order to stimulate the hair growth one can apply the hair oil at night and then take a warm water bath with a mild shampoo the next morning. But it is not a good idea to apply hair oil in the morning after bath as it can attract more dirt and dust on the hair pores. For better hair growth one can also apply oil directly on the root of the hair and the scalp. One can also warm the hair oil before applying for better absorption.

When it comes to Indian Ayurvedic hair oil, there are plenty of hair oils available in the market that has medicinal herbs in it. Coconut oil has some cooling agents in it and Amla oil on the other hand is very much effective on hair related issues. One can also use Brahmi ir Neem seed oil for good results.

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