Top five rules home seekers should follow while working with real estate agents

Top five rules home seekers should follow while working with real estate agents

Top five rules home seekers should follow while working with real estate agents

Real estate agents and consultants can help buyers and tenants to find a suitable dwelling for accommodation. Though they are being paid for the services they offer; clients should follow some etiquettes not only to gain maximum advantages but also to build up a professional and effective partnership. Customers treating them disrespectfully will end up wasting time and money. Real estate professionals love working for people and pay attention to executing client needs after understanding their requirements unless a cranky client pushes them to lose their temperament.

For home seekers, property agents work like a captain. They help clients not only to find a suitable home but also assist in completing legal and contractual requirements of purchasing or renting. Customers can trust them but they can’t sit back like a passenger. As they are financing the deal, they must perform their role like a good partner to complete deal successfully.

Below I am sharing few simple rules home seekers should follow while working with real estate companies in Sharjah.

Show some compassion

Though agencies pay salary to their agents, the commission is the major part of their income. Don’t involve agent if you have a plan to exclude them from the deal. Their primary interest is to earn some money at the end of the deal. If you don’t close the transaction, an agent will not be paid. This is unethical and even looks indecent if a commission is the only amount they receive. It’s your responsibility that they should get paid for their efforts.

Follow meeting time

Agents are busy people; don’t expect them to forget everything on the day of the meeting. When you are making an appointment, consider it like a promise. Always be on time at the venue to discuss or view the property. In case you stuck somewhere or getting late, demonstrate courtesy and inform them to reschedule the time if waiting longer is upsetting their routine.

Hire sensibly

Before you start making calls to speak to agencies and independent agents; you should pay attention to understand your intentions. You may either choose a listing company or an agent. If you have decided to hire your own agent, conduct interviews to check comfort level. Never interview two individuals from the same company.

Prefer buying agent

Don’t expect listing agents to help you in finding housing unit at reasonable prices. As their intention is to help landlords to sell or rent properties. They only show properties to buyers and represents homeowners. Hiring a buying agent will be a better option for home seekers looking to purchase or rent lodging space.

Follow open house rules

Attending open house events is a common practice among property buyers and rental lodging seekers. Their aim is to evaluate available options to select the best for them. Though open house welcomes everyone interested to purchase or rent housing units, individuals should follow the rules of attending an open house. Avoid visiting the event alone. Go along with your agent and let him ask the questions. Avoid asking questions directly to the host, as it can irritate them.

Endnote: Real estate companies in Sharjah are helping everyone from landlords, sellers, buyers, and tenants. What prospects need to do is to follow these simple rules to enjoy maximum benefits and pleasurable experience.



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