Occupational Health: How it is benefiting businesses

Occupational Health: How it is benefiting businesses

Occupational Health: How it is benefiting businesses

Whether an established company is expanding existing workforce for upcoming projects or a startup is recruiting task force for core business activities; it’s inevitable to look for candidates with relevant education and experience along with good health.

Newcomers and fresh startups often emphasize solely on the skill level of the applicants. They neglect asking them basic questions about illness and health condition. Overlooking health issues of existing and newly hired employees will translate in to financial and resource loses. In addition to examining employees’ health condition, providing them a secure and healthy environment is primary responsibility of employers. Positive environment will keep employees motivated and enable them to maintain work-life balance, which in turn benefit their organization.

What is Occupational Health?

Depending on the job nature, employees can be at the risk of cancers, accidents, respiratory diseases, hearing problems or musculoskeletal diseases. Occupational health is the strategic approach, which guides employers to identify and control health and safety risk emerge from physical, chemical and workplace hazards. Once an employer identifies these determinants, he can make better arrangements to reduce such concerns.

Here I am sharing few business benefits of implementing this strategy on organizations.

Protect workforce

Standard health and safety practices enable employers to protect their staff from injuries and chronic diseases. As a result, company will be able to retain skilled and loyal resources for longer duration.  Comfort, hygiene and enhanced safety defend workforce from injuries, diseases and accidents. Health and safety are mandatory for all kind of setups. Whether it’s a manufacturing plant, warehouse or an IT company, it has to designed and maintained to offer a good environment.

Significantly reduce absences

Health and safety measures at work will keep workforce fit and strong. Good health eventually decreases absentees and sick leaves. This directly benefits the business and indirectly reduces the cost of staff absence.

Helps to retain staff

A secure and comfortable environment and good healthcare facilities keep staff members motivated and loyal towards their organization. When they feel good about the job and workplace, they stick to the same firm. Employers don’t need to worry about spending time and money to recruit and train new resources frequently.

Boost up company reputation

Another hidden benefit of maintaining hygienic, secure and relaxed work environment in organization is boosting up the company reputation as a good and caring employer. Businesses with positive reputation inspire clients as well. They keep referring a company to others in community. A company with good public relations gets more leads and profits.

Enhances productivity and profits

Naturally employees with good health are capable to work more efficiently. Companies earning good profits will compensate their employees well, which enhances morale of task force. The net effect of growing profits increases productivity and reduce cost.

Save money from insurance and legal cost

An organization following and implementing good health and safety standards at work can easily save good money form insurance premiums. It also allows companies to overcome accidental cost. Eventually a safe environment and employees with good health increase production and help to overcome delays, which affect company reputation.

Endnote: Occupational health is an excellent strategy to overcome health and safety issues at workplace, while helping business to grow in all directions.


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