Living In Australia: Ens Direct Entry Stream

Living In Australia: Ens Direct Entry Stream

Living In Australia: Ens Direct Entry Stream

In the annual rankings that take the quality of living index into consideration, Australia has been in the top 5 for a long time. It has bright prospects for education, employment and health of an individual. Overall it is one of the best places to be in. A number of PIOs have established their community there and every year more number of people continue to go there. There are a number of in roads that can be adopted to gain entry into the nation. From direct entry options to nomination, choose the one that works the best for you.

If you are a working member of the society who has managed to gain employment in the country, things might already be halfway through for you. The ens direct entry stream is open for you. Employee Nomination Scheme is for those individuals who have been nominated by their employers for immigration into the country. It is a necessary requisite that you have employment prior to receiving nomination. The application can only be filed after you have been working in the country for some time.

You must meet the following conditions to ensure eligibility:

  • Have an approved Australian employer
  • Be under the age of 45
  • Possess the necessary skill, qualification and English language requirement
  • Other conditions mandated in the visa (like securing the minimum score of 60 on the point based entry)

The biggest benefit of Australia direct entry stream resident visa is that it lets you gain permanent residence in the country. It opens up gateway for you to bring over relatives and family members for health and educational purpose. After your employer has filed for your nomination, the immigration authority will conduct a background check before approving. After gaining approval, you must file your application in the coming six months.

Other requirements:

You have to clear the health and character checks as well. The result of your health examinations remains valid for 12 months after they are conducted. For obtaining the character clearance, you have to get a police certificate from all countries you have lived for more than 12 months in the past 10 years or since you have turned 16. Both of the above conditions apply to you as well as any member of your family who wishes to move into the country with you.

About the Visa:

This visa allows you to gain permanent residence into the country as a gainful worker. It is a two step process, the first being nomination and the second being approval. If lets you stay on in the country indefinitely, apply for a citizenship (if eligible), sponsor your relatives (those who are eligible) for permanent residence, travel to and from the nation for five years since the date your application is sanctioned. You can be either inside or outside the nation at the time of making this application. You have to fund your cost of making this application. However, if you are within its boundaries, you must have a temporary visa.


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