Here’s All You Need to Know and Keep Your Sewer Line Alive!

Here’s All You Need to Know and Keep Your Sewer Line Alive!

Here’s All You Need to Know and Keep Your Sewer Line Alive!

A well-maintained sewer line goes unnoticed. It’s so efficient that you can’t even realize it’s there. Actually, it’s only until things turn hazardous when you realize how essential the sewer pipe is. And this is the time when you need an experienced sewer line repair professional to fix the mess and save you money in due course.

With that in mind, here are all matters sewer line repair and when to contact an expert.

Damaged Sewer Line Pipes: The Causes

Many sewer line problems are preventable. Just be keen to find a good sewer line repair company that can efficiently fix the problem for you. However, before offering a detailed sewer repair plan, they should first determine the root cause of the issue in question.

Common causes of sewer problems include:

  • Tree roots: Tree roots can burst through the sewer line in search for water, resulting in major leakage problems.
  • Cracks: Clay pipes are highly vulnerable to cracks caused by earth movements, especially when they aren’t properly installed.
  • Corrosion:Cast iron pipes may get corroded due to the usage of certain chemical drain cleanersand cause the pipes to break.
  • High water temps: PVC plastic pipes are susceptible to cracks when water temperatures are extremely high. Moreover, a sudden thwart in temperature can cause the ground to shift and damage the pipes.

Signs You Require Sewer Line Repair and/or Replacement

Matters sewer line repairscan be costly. So, it’s important to notice the early signs to save you cash and time.Leave the process of sewer line diagnosis to a professional. However, if you are conversant with common signs of sewer issues, ensure to contact an expert before the situation gets out of hand. Some of the issues you should watch out for include:

  • Foul odors
  • Overflowing toilets and sinks.
  • Slow-draining or still water in your sink/tub
  • Trouble flushing your toilet
  • Difficulty flushing your toilet
  • Pooling water  in the backyard

Contact a reliable plumbing and sewer line repair company right away as when you notice these issues.Important: Ensure that you hire a trained plumber with adequate experience to offer a real solution.

When to Replace Your Sewer Lines

Sewer line replacement is an important undertaking, but you should clearly understand when to do it. If a plumber finds out that your home’s piping is inadequate, you’ll need to replace it as soon as possible. Indecorous materials could collapse at any time, and you really don’t want to be a victim of sewer backup or major leaks. If your sewer line is getting too old, consider replacing it to improve the value of your home.

To Repair Or Replace!

When dealing with main sewer line issues, it is prudent to consider available repair & replacement options. Plus, you need to take into account the following vital factors:

  • Age: How old are your pipes
  • Material: Your pipe parent material
  • Future repairs: Consider the potential for imminent/future repairs
  • Extent:The extent of pipe damage
  • Cost: Long-term sewer line repair cost effectiveness

Getting Help

If the main sewer line has been damaged beyond repair, your pipes are delicate, made of older materials, or are susceptible to future damage, scheduling a comprehensive system replacement may take a bit longer.However, if they just have minor issues, contact a dependable sewer line repair company to take charge.


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