Are you in a house cleaning mess? If you are a novice, you may feel overwhelmed by the task. You may be confused about where to begin, how to continue and what products to use.

For instance, Bona Deep Clean Solution may come highly recommended but you may not be sure.  But you can make your home fresh and sparkling if your follow some tips.


It is a top to bottom thorough cleaning which can be followed up by more routine and standard tasks.  For deep cleaning, you must move all your furniture and knick knacks for cleaning underneath. All items are touched from ceiling top to the floor and base boards. All things from bottom to top are scrubbed till it is rid of dust, dirt and shines freshly.


 Often, in most cases, our chores pile up till we are totally confused about where to begin. But ask the experts and they will tell you:

First step in deep cleaning is to consider every room and create a checklist for priorities. You must identify specific tasks for accomplishing and as and when each job is done, cross it away from your list.

Main tips:

  • Arrange all your cleaning supplies in a bag for carrying it along
  • Keep ready all your required tools
  • Start from the back of the home and work your way to the front, one room at a time.
  • It is good to do cleaning from back to front, top to bottom and left to right.
  • Begin from top of room and proceed downwards as you progress with cleaning.
  • If any space is dirty, clean it immediately as it is easier to remove fresh dirt rather than caked dirt.
  • Every step of cleaning must be planned. Get organized before you take items out from cleaning bag.
  • Focus on current job. Avoid distractions that will interfere with the job.
  • Do regular cleaning. Routine cleaning is much more efficient when you desire a sparkling home.


Minimize distractions:

  • Switch off T.V.
  • Avoid the phone
  • Ignore e-mail and switch off computer


  • Enlist help of all members of family
  • Place cloth hampers in every room
  • Do regular running of dishwasher

Getting rid of clutter

  • An old home can look good if your de-clutter
  • Identify items you don’t need in your cabinets and closets
  • Donate to charity clothing, appliances and furniture that are old and beyond your use.


  • Wax, mop and vacuum floors ( vinyl or wooden)
  • Wash clean the base boards
  • Clean the fridge, inside out.
  • Change liners of shelves
  • Clean out junk drawer
  • Wipe cabinets


  • Dust windowsills
  • Wash windows
  • Clean tracks of windows
  • Clean screens of windows


  • Dust or vacuum draperies
  • Clean or wash the blinds
  • Clean windows
  • Clean tracks of windows


  • Do polishing of wood furniture
  • Vacuum cloth upholstery
  • Clean and condition upholstery made of leather
  • Vacuum in between and below cushions
  • Clean space under couches


  • Donate items that you no longer need
  • Dust shelves and walls
  • Vacuum the floor

These are some aspects included in the checklist of deep cleaning of your home. You can consult more tips by browsing through online sites of deep cleaning products like Bona Deep Cleaning Company.


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