The Best Tree Service Options – A Quick Guide to Pruning

The Best Tree Service Options – A Quick Guide to Pruning

The Best Tree Service Options – A Quick Guide to Pruning

Trees are very beautiful plants and they are vital to our eco-system – they even help us as human beings to breathe and so it is important that we treat them well and take good care of them. However, it can be hard to do this when the trees become sick, grow in dangerous places like near powerlines or they can become damaged due to harsh weather conditions such as thunder and lightning. It can also be little things that need to be done, such as pruning or fertilisation. While there are plenty professionals out there to help you with these problems – big or small – there are some of the smaller jobs, such as pruning that you can actually do yourself. However, for bigger jobs, like stump removal it is best to call a professional. Below is a quick guide on how to maintain and prune your own tree:

A quick guide to pruning.

Pruning is the practice that involves the methodical removal of certain parts of a plant, namely trees and bushes. Removal of deadwood can be done anytime throughout the whole year. However, there are other instances of pruning that are a tad more complicated and can only be done at certain times in the year. There are general vague guidelines about these situations that are detailed below.

  • Pruning in the winter. This is when the trees are dormant, almost like they are hibernating. The period wherein the tree is dormant is the best time to prune it. Oneshould typically wait until the coldest part of winter has passed. There are some select species that will bleed, or leak sap when you start to prune it but this is completely normal in certain breeds, like walnuts and maple trees.
  • Pruning in the summer. This is when people should really start to stop the growth of their tree branches. This is otherwise known as dwarfing the branch. Ideally it should be done after – not before – the tree has finished its seasonal growth spurt. People prune their trees like this to reduce things like leaf surface, this reduces the amount of food that is filtered through the tree. Another reason is to get rid of dead limbs, which are easier to see in summer.
  • Pruning to help the tree flower. If you wish to prune your tree so that it flowers more, you should prune it in spring when the flowers start to fade and die. However, trees and bushes that flower in summer should be pruned in winter or early spring at the very latest.
  • Do not prune in the fall/August months. Fungus that can cause decay and rot in your tree will spread and feed drastically during the fall months. The tree will heal slower during this period as well, so you should never prune it in this period.

While pruning your tree seems relatively easier to do by yourself, for bigger jobs you should always call a professional.



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