Step-by-Step Guide to Repair the Leaky Chrome Rim

Step-by-Step Guide to Repair the Leaky Chrome Rim

Step-by-Step Guide to Repair the Leaky Chrome Rim

For sure, the chrome and alloy wheels are quite appealing visually but they are prone to corrosion as well. They even cause the tires to seal improperly, which leads to the bead leaks and slow leaks on the car tires. You would definitely not want to compromise the longevity of your tires since you still remember that car tyre price you paid for earlier. People don’t realize but the air can travel through the very tiny holes when the corrosion occurs. In fact, there is likely to be a space formed under the bead. But since you are at the right place finally to discover how to repair these leaks. Let us help you with this;

  • At the very first step, you need to determine the location of the leak in your car tire. And what’s the best way to do this. Just the one that’s always been practiced. Simply inflate the tire with an air pump first. Make sure that the tire is completely filled with air. Then you can submerge it in water. You can use you bath tub in that case. Just find where the air bubbles are coming from. Mark that point in the tire or wheel.
  • Now it’s time to break the bead down. Once you have perfectly marked all the leaking points, you can easily break the bead from that point. The set of tire irons or the tire machine can be of great help in that case. Make sure you have access to any one of those, this would turn the entire process way easier for you. Then you will remove the tire from bead and check the inner and outer surfaces.
  • Once you have checked properly, just buff the bead sealing surface until all the rust is removed. While buffing, do not damage the tire bead.
  • With the help of valve stem too, just remove the old stem and replace it with a new one. This actually helps in resolving any possible leaks. Once you have completed this, set the tire into the water tank or bath tub just to double check if there is any other leak or not.
  • Simply then, break down beads before adding the sealer. You don’t really have to remove the car tire to do this. You can use the simple plain brush to apply paint sealer on the bead sealing surface.
  • You are successfully repaired the leaky chrome rim. All you need to do now is simply put the tire and wheel back together. Inflate it appropriately. It’s important to give the sealer at least 5-10 minutes to dry otherwise it won’t work properly. Make sure that you inflate your car tires to the manufacturers recommended pressure. In case you find any further lead, you can add more sealer. It’s important for you to maintain your tires since you know the car tyre price it would need you to pay in order to buy the new one.


Do you think you chrome rim is leaking? Here is the step-by-step guide to repair the leaky chrome rim.


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