Lenovo K6 vs Xiaomi Redmi 4- Feature, Specification, Review & Design


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Lenovo and Xiaomi are both known for low and mid-range phones. People are familiar with the name Lenovo but Xiaomi sounds alien to many of them. This is a major factor which influences the decision when buying the phone. Xiaomi Redmi 4 is a major competition to Lenovo K6, and you should definitely give it
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Family occasions are a happy time for everybody. As guests, we look forward to a lovely party with nice food and music. While everybody looks forward for a celebration, no one exactly understands the pressure behind organising it. When organising comes to your mind, what all do you think is to be kept in mind?
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As a kid, I always loved to plan parties for my little sister’s birthday or my parent’s anniversary. Birthdays and anniversaries are always a happy occasion in one’s life. But obviously, no one plans out their own birthdays or wedding parties. There is too much to do and you have a lot on your mind.
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